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Here at Band Minus Label, we showcase bands,groups and solo artists from around the world that are not signed to a major record label.
If you are a record company and looking for new talent, you have come to the right place!
If you are a band, group or solo artist looking for a place to showcase you talents, you too are in the right place!

We only showcase either unsigned bands or bands on an Independent record label.
Band Minus Label showcases all types of rock music from rock n roll to metal and everything in between including punk,ska,alternative,indie and much more!

Why we do this

Band Minus Label is originally based out of San Diego, California and living in SoCal, we have come across so many great bands that we decided that there needs to be a place to showcase all of the talent that you would not otherwise hear about. Another bonus for us is that showcasing and finding new artists lets us hear all types of new music we wouldn't normally hear in the mainstream but are equally as great. Plus who knows, maybe you will get signed because of us and hook us up with free tickets to your show. After all, we do this for the music.

Looking for new talent every day!

We are looking for as many bands as we can every day to fill up our site. Check back very often because chances are, we will be adding tons of new stuff on a daily basis. If you are in an Unsigned or Independent Label Band, Check out the Get Listed Page to get on the site. It's FREE! Free Promotion for your band!
Plus we offer free contests and giveaways all the time! We have a new Featured Artist every 2 weeks and that could be you!

About BandMinusLabel.com;

Gathering talent from accross the globe, Band Minus Label is pleased to provide you with as much unsigned talent as humanly possible. If you know of a band let them know about us or if you are in a band and would like to be featured on our site, Check out our get listed page to be included on the site!

Please note, not all bands/artists will be included in this site.
If we find you way too offensive, or if you do not seem to be serious musicians and are just out for a goof, we will not include you. If you do not fit into the "Rock" genre of music in some way, it is likely that you will not be featured on the site. We want to showcase the Worlds Best Unsigned and Independent Label Rock Artists.

We carefully screen all bands and their music before putting them on our site to assure a pleasant visit for all. We do our best to include a link to your profile, photos, a website link and link to a sample or two of each bands songs. Although we do our best to assure the highest quality band information, photos, songs and pictures, sometimes things may change without our knowledge. We are not responsible if you run accross something you might find offensive. All information including links and music is provided to us directly by the artists themselves.

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The Worlds Best Unsigned and Independent Label Bands and Artists
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